Art that can’t be completed in one sitting never worked for me…
Now it’s time to go back and finish what I’ve started.

It occurred to me how many interesting things I’ve started but never finished, how many unrealized and potentially potential creations I have lying around my desktop, stuffed into drawers, or hidden in the corners of my mind.

Food is something I always finish, so it will have its own page.

Otherwise, I attempt, nay, VOW to use this blog to post stories I have found and will finish (in some way), poems, paintings, drawings, etc.  I shall cruise through my old sketchbooks and notebooks and turn unsettling memory lane into the present road I’m traveling.  My process will be laid out on the table, or the webpage rather. To add to the fun, if I get stuck, any of you “avid readers”…more like my class and my two best friends… can help me where I get stuck–motivation, plot points, the weird shadowing that goes on beneath an eye which is quite difficult to capture.

I’ve been finding my niche recently…

It’s time to realize the unrealized.

more face

I’m currently a junior at Saint Joseph’s University studying English and Communications. I also work as a tutor at the SJU Writing Center.


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