Time Management (Sorta, Kinda)


I have been missing my blogging and poem deadlines. Admittedly, it appears I’ve gone bad on some promises. However, I have tackled some other things that I’m proud of, such as finishing a two books by two of my favorite authors, making my own black bean burgers and granola bars, and beginning to build a schedule I’d like to (and am going to) stick to.


Some other things that have been stewing…

I’ve recently returned to work, diligently scooping ice cram several evenings a week. Not many crazy lines this early in the season, but I did have a customer ask me to make them a “peanut butter whatever”, or rather, something with all the peanut butter things we had with the exception of Reese’s Pieces. I put peanut butter fudge ice cream in a cup with peanut butter topping, broken Reese’s cups, whip cream, and chocolate crunches. It was a dream. As a peanut butter fanatic it probably only could have been better with Oreo or mixed with peanut butter-vanilla soft serve instead. Vegan version in the future? Additionally, I’m accustomed to seeing people bring their dogs for ice cream (we’re located by a harbor so it’s a lovely walk, plus we carry doggy ice cream and have a new water trough for pups!) however, I was overjoyed when someone brought a teacup pig by! Alas, I was on my way out so I don’t know if they ordered for the little guy.


I’m also on the cusp of completing the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To be honest, it’s been nearly a nine year battle between me and Hyrule. I started seriously playing it in middle school when I inherited an N64, then flaked in high school, then got stuck on Dark Link and never looked back…until this year. Every school break Kyle and I have set up the system in my parents spare bedroom and wreak havoc on poes, pots and crazy creatures. We started from the beginning, but everything beyond where I had left off (that damn water temple) has been my challenge. And I’m so so close, and it feels so so good.


On the healthy side, of things, I’ve downloaded a yoga app that breaks down poses and lets you choose and create classes (check out my sloppy tree pose below!). I’ve only done classes a few times–I needed to buy a mat and give my muscles 36 hours to adjust after the first day–but I’ve packed a weeks worth of classes into my schedule. The first day, though somewhat difficult, was soothing. I feel truly rejuvinated mentally and physically each time I do yoga, even if my muscles occasionally scream in protest. Meditation is definitely something I intended to practice, and yoga seems to be a great way to do it. Meditation, food journaling, exercise.


Finally, I’m syncing another schedule up to my calendar: writing. My butt doesn’t deserve the time I give it. I sit around, I wait for the day to begin, I get absorbed into HGTV or sitcoms that ended decades ago (Roseanne, the Dick Van Dyke Show, Friends, in case you were wondering), and I procrastinate, obviously. But with a new yoga schedule, downloading the WordPress app so that I can draft a post on a whim (please excuse the repeated rearrangement of posts as I get the hang of it), and using a cheesy but deadline driven writing book, I’m making it work. “Forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won’t. Habit is persistence in practice” – Octavia Butler

What things have you begun this summer, and how do you stay focused?

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