Blogging in the Future

I have been sincerely slacking on my blog lately, as things have been quite hectic at school post-spring break. Regardless, I have been working my you know what off and proudly getting things done in the process.


Over the past two weeks at Food in Jars, I’ve been getting in a lot of Qs and As with Marisa, seeking out the seeds of knowledge that will help me give my to-be veg blog a leg to stand on; we’ve discussed job plans, start up plans, cameras, switching over, domain purchasing and hosting, freelancing, etc. We’ve mostly talked about building an online presence in addition to a food blog and also networking, hard, which is why I’m going to start blogging here more frequently, and not just about my internship. I’ve also picked up a few tricks here and there, both from proofing posts and interning in the apartment (why have I never thought of a ring cup in the kitchen? Brilliant.)


More specifically, though, I’ve witnessed and taken part in a photo shoot with Marisa, aiding in set-up, editing contrast and zooming in on nice looking jars, and positioning a big white board to reflect the natural window light in the shoot. I’ve also done some more cookbook editing, as well as built up the Food in Jars store on amazon, recommending products frequently in use in Marisa’s crazy compact kitchen.


Outside of the internship, I’ve been working on Radio 1851’s school-sanctioned web page, taking advantage of the weather and strolling Latches Lane, and focusing on art. After such a springy and creative First Friday, I’m feeling pretty inspired. Moreover, due to business related traveling conflicts, I was given the week off from Food in Jars to do some deep soul searching (and research) regarding my own blog. Expect to see some art pics and existential questioning soon.

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