Return of the Intern

After a lengthy and slightly exhausting spring break–lots of doctor’s appointments, family dinners, and errand running–I was looking forward to returning back to work. On Wednesday–in addition to spending most of the day to writing a press release for upcoming canning classes as well as proofing recipe ingredients, instructions, and headers–I was happily informed that the two pages I referred to in my previous posts are now up and running on! The site’s menu has been changed to accommodate the new pages and future pages; the new drop down menu reveals the Food in Jars Cookbook Errata Page and the Canning Questions Page. To add to the excitement, I got to write a guest post talking about the new changes to the site, a little bit about me, and a lead in for my upcoming guest post. Yay!


Today was even better–we finally got to make my recipe for my personal guest post (there’s a little preview above). In addition to doing some home-pickling, I got to make the recipe fresh for the first time, go over my draft, and learn how to take fancy food pictures–for the record, the one above was taken with my iPhone not a snazzy camera with reflected light and staging.

Either way, it was a great day, and although it may not seem like it, I learned a lot about what goes into a food blog, other than the general maintenance and upkeep that I have been doing. I had to take note of any measurements and pay attention to time and chop style, etc.; things cannot be done solely by taste or eye–if you add something mid-creation, then you better account for it. I also had to make decisions in writing the recipe down. For example, I had to make the call on whether to  include specifications in the ingredients or the directions, as in “1 pound of tomatoes, thinly sliced” or “Rinse, dry, and slice tomatoes thinly”. I also had to choose what backstory was important enough to include, what steps to take pictures of, etc. It was a whole ‘nother world, actually prepping for a food blog post compared to simply taking pictures while I cook or of my finished food.

And, I’m happy to say, I liked it.

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