Pictures and Pages

This week was a bit of a bummer, but a good learning experience. Unfortunately, Marisa and I had to push back our canning session because the tomato order was delayed. On the plus side, I spent most of today messing with html coding. At some point in 2011, Food in Jars switched to a different template. As a result, all of the images that were put onto the blog before the change took place were too small to fill the width of the new template.

pic size 1

I’ve been either getting an updated code from flickr, which hosts most of the images for the blog, or manually changing the dimensions in the codes.

pic size 2pic size 3

It makes a minor difference, something that users probably wouldn’t notice unless they were looking for it. Overall, it looks better and users eyes will no longer subconsciously stumble over the gaps.

pic size 4

On Wednesday I wrote an introduction for a blog post that will explain the two pages Marisa asked me to create for the blog: the Errata page and the Canning Questions page, in which I sorted and linked the posts from the “Canning 101” and “Questions/Answers” categories into six groups, so that users can easily find what they needed on the Canning Questions page.

week 6 pages

Other than that, I’m just waiting to get in the kitchen and get my guest post on the web.


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