Cookbooks and Rough Drafts

Things at Food in Jars is going well. Because I got so much done last week, this week was a lot more easygoing. I spent Wednesday reading through recipes and looking for errors similar to those that I noted on the Food in Jars Cookbook Errata Page–the yield needing to match the number of jars in the instructions, that no instructions are missing, etc. I also had to take out any repetitive numbers or lines, as well as check for the oxford comma.

After, there wasn’t much for me to work on until we could get hold of some ingredients for future posts, so Marisa introduced me to, a website that allows you to import cookbooks by ISBN, thus making all your recipes accessible online.


It’s a pretty snazzy site and most of my Wednesday was occupied by inputting those catchy 13 digit numbers. If there’s nothing much for me to do for the day, I can just pick this task up; it’s pretty much equivalent the the coffee runs and envelope-stuffing at other internships. Plus, judging by the sheer amount of books in that apartment, I’m sure it will keep me occupied throughout the semester.

image(8) image(6)

On a side note, I got to bring a pear/chocolate jam home to test! It was vegan and very tasty on top of some “rustic” trader joe’s bread. I’ve also begun working on my big project–the guest post on Marisa’s blog. I looked through some other guest posts for inspiration and began a draft post about the one canning tradition in my family. I’m so excited for the experience; today I got some notes on what needs more development, what needs to be relocated, this and that, but overall the story is good. Friday we start canning! and experimenting–the recipe we’re using is my Noni’s, my grandmother on my father’s side, and she never used conventional measurements, merely coffee cups and spoons, judging everything by sight.

Alas, it will be a pickley adventure.

Until then…

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