A Jarring Two Weeks (wink)

Okay that was bad. Not as bad as me not updating my blog, though. Last week I had a nasty cold and literally slept all day Friday, which worked out rather well because I didn’t have to go to Marisa’s that day since I stayed so late last Wednesday. Alas, I shall inform you now.

I managed to get the recategorizing done all in one sitting, which is why I ended up staying so late. You know that feeling when you’re so into a project, you know if you stop and try to pick it up another day the flow will be gone and it just won’t work? That’s what I vibed so I kept at it. Recategorizing was definitely tedious. It involved renaming major categories, then moving smaller categories that fit into the larger ones post by post and then deleting the smaller category. It was a pain, yes, but there was such a satisfaction in getting it done. Marisa and I decided on 31 categories overall, which cut the original category list perfectly in half. As far as I know, everything worked out well and Marisa has been enjoying the simple life, regarding blog organization at least.

I’ve been doing some research for Marisa as well. Last week I researched some WordPress plugins for the blog, particularly for popular posts and content enhancement. This week I began looking at what I’ve dubbed “pretty blogs”, trying to find designers and/or well designed blogs and taking notes on them for when Food in Jars goes through a makeover later this year. I also made an “errata” page for the Food in Jars cookbook on the blog.

Gaining blogging skills as well as small business skills (I entered a many receipts this past Wednesday into a spreadsheet and would rather not talk about it. The number 315 should suffice to explain my experience) — awh yeah.

I’ve also started discussing my long term project for the semester; we’ve roughly decided on a guest post about my family’s green tomato spread. I get to prefect the recipe–and hopefully get to make it fresh instead of from other already preserved veggies–as well as get some food blog posting experience. Woot!

To wrap this up, here are a few pictures from my fedex experience today and the sauerkraut and slow-roasted tomatoes I’ve attempted recently. Sorry I didn’t spread them evenly throughout the post like a good little blogger, snow is coming and I’m all in a frenzy.


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