Jars and Coding

Week two of the Food in Jars Comm. internship has been completed! In only four days I’ve completed my first task of reformatting all the recipes.

It turns out the previous post I made showing how I formatted the recipes was actually wrong. I had to go back and reformat some of the recipes (again) because I forgot to change the coding after I cut the original recipes out of the text of the post once I had put them in the plug in. At first I was copying the recipe, inputting it into the plugin, then cutting the recipe. If the recipe was italisized or bolded to set it apart from the rest of the post, the coding for that style remained (<em> for italisize and <strong> for bold) and would alter the format of the plugin.

jan 16 plug in printable

Here is the recipe I reformatted last week. The following picture is the what a recipe looks like once I remove the codes. I began cutting the recipes BEFORE inputting them into a plugin, which eliminated any style coding that accompanied it.

week 2 html coding

Grunt work: check. New project: re-categorizing. I made a spreadsheet of all the current categories (sixty one!) and am working on condensing them to, at most, half the number. A lot of the categories can simply become tags, making life a lot easier on Marisa and any user.

week 2 recategorizing

It’s a start.


Meanwhile, I feel very motivated at this internship. The work I’m doing may seem very basic, but it’s super important to the functionality and usability of the blog. Additionally, in Marisa’s appartment, the walls are lined with cookbooks and jars and colorful equipment. She makes an itty-bitty kitchen work for her–more than that, she lives off of what she does in it. Seeing the life she has made for herself is certainly helpful to an undergrad trying to realize her own path in life.

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