New Semester, New Growth, New Recipes

Yesterday I began my communications internship with Marisa McClellan, the mastermind behind the lovely canning blog Food in Jars ! Our day began creating a google doc of my goals for the internship–what I want to accomplish, what I want to learn, to soak in, take away, and apply in the real world, or at least in my classes for now. This was quickly followed by a list of tasks and possible projects for me to take on over the upcoming months.

The task I first set out to tackle was that of reformatting recipes so that they are easily printable and saveable. By using a wordpress plugin, we were able to make recipes go from this:

Unformated, unaccessable recipe

To this:

Formatted Recipe! What could be considered mundane and tedious was actually extremely enjoyable; by reviewing what needed to be reformatted, I was exposed to a ton of new recipes–the majority of which are vegan (score!)–and, needless to say, I bookmarked a few out of the three pages I covered.

Moreover, by reformatting everything first, I got a jump start on familiarizing myself with the categories and tags, which are going to be redone as well. Revamped and reorganized to say the least.

Finally, to put the cherry on the cake, I have the pleasure of borrowing this cookbook:


Pretty fantastic. Let the magic continue…


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