Post-brainstorming, Pre-presentation

I am giving my first TED Talk in less than a week. Although, I’m trying to employ Durate’s structure design, but I feel as if I’m struggling with the simplest point of it all: really driving home the “new bliss”.

Technology, Entertainment, Design: TED (for those of you who don’t know, I only just learned this tidbit myself).

I wanted to open my talk with what gave me the inspiration for it in the first place–a scene from Dead Poets Society.  I wasn’t going to play it, perhaps put up a still and imitate it in a hopefully non cheesy way. Next I was going to explain how going vegan made me understand and realize the importance of the lesson presented in DPS–to constantly look at things a different way.

After that I wanted to present a formula for looking at things differently, give the new bliss, and perhaps include a final story to wrap it up either before or after the new bliss. I’ve written it down and am now playing with structure of my talk, cutting anything extraneous.

TED talks have changed the way we think about presentations, ourselves, and the world; all I can say is that I’m up for the challenge.

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