Secrets Revealed!

Not mine, but someone who a good deal plus some about giving a good presentation. Nancy Duarte’s TED talk, The Secret Structure of Great Talks was a good summation of the main points in her book Resonate. 

Her video caps at about eighteen minutes, so if you don’t have time to watch it right away or purchase the book, here are some main points:

1. Storytelling is the best way to convey an idea.
Stories resonate with an audience because they have memorable features, emotional connections and people physically react to them (literally); they raise our blood pressure, give us chills, can make us laugh or cry. When the audience physically reacts, it means they are hooked. Presenters can even model how the audience is supposed to react and feel within their presentations.

2. Show the audience “what is” and “what could be.”

This boxy squiggle is the shape of a successful presentation. Convey the wide gape between what is and what could be, and end with a call to action to the audience because, hey, there’s no point to a presentation if the audience doesn’t take anything from it.

3. Your stories should be able to be recalled.
When a story resonates with an audience, they are able to recall what you were saying and, if done right, how you said it:  repetition of phrases, such as “I Have a Dream”; personal anecdotes; metaphors that simplify ideas; references that any person can relate to, such has cashing checks in the bank or a comparison to Luke Skywalker and Yoda. Recall features and memorable moments help the audience take the presentation out of the room and put ideas into action.

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