Blog vs. Website: Competing Forces

The group has had some difficulties with creating a new website for my beloved station, Radio 1851. Its been very difficult choosing a theme that isn’t too bloggy, but allows our group a professional feel that isn’t dependent on posts. We continue to hunt for a theme from that both suits our needs and is free.

Our biggest issue thus far is how to get the music player embedded on the homepage; we can’t find an appropriate widget nor get it displayed center-stage for our audience, which is I dare to say necessary for a radio station’s website. We have the code, but it’s just not flying. An email to IT and perhaps a theme change seems to be in order.

Our attempt to create a clean page, however, is going well. Other than having the player, our second major feature is the presentation of news/events/information, which we do with a twitter feed since it is Radio 1851’s main source for everything, other than music of course. In this sense, we tried to create a hierarchy of needs.

After these needs are satiated, we have other less but still important sections below: schedule, social media, music venues in the Philadelphia area.  These sections are broken up into specific, definable areas. We also have a clear and concise header that connects the viewer to any other information they may want to know:

About: brief history and concept
Get Involved/Contact: email and location
Shows: show descriptions and links to show Facebook pages/twitters–the meat that’s missing from the schedule section
SJU: (hopefully) a link to SJU’s homepage

We tried to diminish wordiness and lengthy descriptions and present simply what the user would want to know.  Once we get the player running and a finalized schedule, hopefully the site will be user-friendly.

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